XtremeFit Project Naija 2018

XtremeFit Project Naija 2018


@xtremefitnaija is launching a new fitness show that will take #nollyfit to the next level. This show is opened to those who are already involved with fitness, trainers or those looking to become fitness trainers.

A total number of 60 male and female will be selected at the end of the screening process and housed for three weeks. They will perform different fitness routines for this duration to prove that they are extremely fit.

The first edition will be held In Abuja. People from all the states In Nigeria are welcome to be part of the program. The show will be televised and shown for public entertainment.

Routines will range from lifting, cardio, aerobics and swimming etc.

The winner becomes the face of XtremeFit and also walks away with the price money of 1million Naira. The second gets 500k and the 3rd 300k plus other prices to be won.

If you think you are fit enough to pass the screening process, run now and register at www.xtremefitproject.com or get more info @xtremefitnaija Registration is just 5k.

This is a chance to push yourself and know your limit. And a chance for us to identify the new crop of Nigerian trainers. Surely this is the one you don’t want to miss.

Please keep sharing till everyone gets a chance to join. Bear in mind that the date on the flyer may be pushed back a bit to allow other to be part of this great show.

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My number is 08161638990 if you have any enquiries

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