NUDITY!!! A New Trend or Madness

NUDITY!!! A New Trend or Madness

In Nigeria, the ability to embrace change has never been our strong point. We prefer things to stay the way they are forever.

Years ago, we use to be crossed when a woman bares her body in public. When we see that mostly in the western movies we behave like we have seen a serious sin.

That wind of change has recently blown across our country. As most women find new ways of taking care of their body, they fall in love with their body enough to show it to others.

This simply Means that the western world were not mad. The more fit a woman becomes the easier it is for her to show more skin.

This new behavior is not going away as long as fitness and wellness improves in Nigeria. So the need to embrace it or mind our own business is key.

The fitness and wellness industry is improving and is helping Nigerian men and women to evolve into people who love themselves and want to be the best they can be.

So it becomes increasingly difficult to hide that best version of yourself when you have achieved it.

This is also true even for people who have gone under the knife to achieve their best body types. Why spend all that money and cover it up in the end, pointless.

Please bear in mind that I am not encouraging nudity. I am simply stating the obvious and correcting our view point. Someone has to say it.

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