Am New To Fitness,  What Exercises Should I Start With?

Am New To Fitness, What Exercises Should I Start With?

It is a fact that a lot of people in Nigeria are choosing fitness everyday.  Most of us start it wrongly or we are simply lost when it comes to the routines to get us ready for fitness or to ease us into fitness seamlessly.

In this article we will highlight 7 workout routines that will ready your body and ease you into fitness.


It is a common custom to start each workout day with stretches. This routine helps the body get ready for full workout.  So there’s no better way to introduce yourself to workout than stretching.


Most of us have used the skip rope at one time or another In our life. As a full body workout routine,  the skip rope helps strengthen the joints and get them ready for more strenuous workout routines.  Skipping on its own can help in weight-loss or just body toning.


The spin bikes or a traditional bicycle can be a great way to start up a life of fitness. Some of us ride it for fun without feeling like its a full blown workout. Using these two can also help get the lower body fully ready for lower body workout routines.


A lot of us swim for fun without feeling like we are working out. Swimming is a full body workout routine that can prepare us for harder routines.  Leg work,  shoulders, back,  abs etc can all be targeted during swimming.


Popularly known as roadwork, jogging has always been known as a great start-up routine. We see people who want to start fitness begin with jogging or those who are new in the gym start with the treadmill.


Because of the importance of dance,  we have seen a lot of new routines being introduced in fitness. We already know about zumba, dance aerobics etc. Dance actually reduces the rigidity of the joints and make them easy to adapt to workout.


Before you start adding weights to your workout.  It is advised that you learn to handle your body weight first. Fitness can be defined as the ability for a person to handle their body weight with ease.  Body weight routines such as chin up,  pull up, chrunches and push up could be helpful in this regard.

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