7 Qualities Of A Good Fitness Trainer

7 Qualities Of A Good Fitness Trainer

As usual we treat questions based on what most people are asking on our instagram handle.  For today we are looking at those qualities you have to look for in a fitness trainer before you secure their services.


A trainer must have a huge passion for fitness.  He must practice what he preach to the fullest. You don’t want a situation where a trainers ask you to do 20 crunches while he cannot manage 5 himself. So passion for the job is a great start.


A good understanding of how the body works and new ways of getting the parts of the body to function better is important. Without this a trainer will end up becoming boring with his routines.  They become stereotyped at best.  Being innovative with routines engages new muscles and make workout even more fun.


A good trainer must be able to communicate his ideas clearly to the client. He must be able to translate fitness routines to forms that will be understandable to a client that is new to fitness.


I heard a fitness trainer telling off a client that she has gotten fat.  We understand the need for you to be firm to help clients but most times this form of firmness can be counter productive. Empathy means that you understand that we all have differing abilities and you show compassion when working with clients so as to help them achieve deserved results without loosing their self confidence.


A full underatanding of the art of fitness is a must for you to be able to help others.  You simply cannot give what you do not have. A trainer that is always ready to learn new things is always better than the ones that claim they already know it all.  Choose your trainer wisely.


Most clients will not improve at the pace trainers expect.  It is vital that all trainers have a great deal of patience. New clients also exhibit a high level of laziness, and this calls for more patience from trainers.


We have heard reports of trainers talking to or touching clients in an unprofessional manner.  It is important that you check the track record of the trainer to make sure that they are professional before you employ their services so as not to encounter complications in the future.

I hope we have been able to help you to make a better  choice when it comes to selecting a fitness trainer.

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