10 Dance Routines For Fitness

10 Dance Routines For Fitness

It has become common knowledge that dance is a great form of fitness.  The mare fact that it feels more like fun than a workout draws people to dance. It has been proven that most dance routines can provide a full body workout and because of this a lot of people are including dance as the main stay of their fitness life.

For this article, we will be highlighting 10 types of dance used for fitness,  this will make it easier for you to choose the type of dance that suits you better.


often known as one of the most influential dance routine in fitness. The Zumba dance is of Latin origin,  the beats and the choreograph is also Latin inclined.  You will need to master a few of the steps to do it comfortably. One thing is certain,  zumba dance is a great way to work all your body while having fun.


We have seen alot of women involved in this form of dance without knowing that it’s a form of workout. It targets all your abdominal muscles and helps free up the waist muscles and joints. Great upper body workout routine


This form of dance is much like belle dancing but it uses a hoop in the process.  The concentration on the core and waist to balance the hook and keep it from falling off does exactly the same jobs that belle dancing does for the abs and waist.


A lot of us have never come across this type of dance in this part of the word.  This dance simply uses fast paced jazz steps to achieve fitness.  Very fast leg movement means good cardio workout  and great endurance.


When we speak of yoga,  most people only imagine slow concentrated body movement and forms.  Yoga dance have been around for years and good yoga teachers have ways of incorporating the two for a great all round body pump and stretch.


This is widely known in Nigeria as so many instructors have mastered this and have begun using new Afro beats to teach classes. This is a full aerobic session that involve leg and hand movements in dance form.  It’s great for your cardio and helps in weight-loss and body toning.


How many times have we seen a pole dancer and marvel at the flexibility of the art. Pole dancing is a great way to manage your body weight effectively. As you dance on a pole new ways of being flexible emerge with the practice.


When we hear of ballroom dancing, we always think about ball room parties,  all set up with men and women on cooperate attire.  Ballroom cardio is a bit like that,  but this time it uses faster ballroom beats and steps to achieve fitness.


This form of dance needs more mention in Nigeria as it is yet to be practiced extensively in the gyms.  Most of us do freestyle dancing in the comfort of our homes.  It’s a great form of workout that targets all parts of the body and also helps improve our cardio.


This is the latest form of dance to gain popularity in recent times.  This dance originated from South Africa but was given impetus in Los Angeles by Michael Sunny. Now so many countries are beginning to embrace this dancing form. People of all age bracket can dance these steps as creative choreography is not a must. The dance form tends to write alphabets and numbers on the floor with the feet while also engaging in different arm movements thereby achieving fitness.

I hope this helps someone out there to choose the form of dance that will better suit them for their fitness life. So come on let’s DANCE.

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